11 Mar

Email Marketing Strategy | 7 steps of great email marketing campaigns

Email Marketing Strategy | 7 steps of great email marketing campaigns

Today I will explain you the step by step guide for email marketing campaigns by using WordPress & mail chimp integration.

  • By List Building:  Building an email list to promote your starup directly through emails. By integrating Mail chimp with WordPress. Because Mailchimp is an email showcasing answer for oversee supporters, send messages, and the track comes about. It’s a standout amongst the most well-known email administrations and frees up to 2000 subscribers.
  • By Tracking of email Sign Ups with Google analytics: Tracking email recruits with Google Analytics enables you to perceive what number of the aggregate number of site guests joined to your email list (Mailchimp won’t demonstrate to you this data). To set it up is simple. Send individuals to a “thank-you” in the wake of joining to the mailing rundown and track what number of individuals visits this page. Along these lines we know the aggregate number of information exchanges.
  • Grow email lists faster?: Give your audience motivator to join to your mailing list. The best “payoff to subscribe” is something your gathering of people truly needs and can utilize immediately. By adding a download link to the lead magnet in “thank you” page and to final welcome email.
  • Turn website homepage into a sign-up form: Homepages are frequently a standout amongst the most trafficked pages on a website. Make utilization of this activity and set up a static front page on your website to gather messages rather then demonstrate your most recent blog entries.
  • By adding pop ups and opt in forms: By using WP Subscriber Pro is a WordPress Plugin available from MyThemeShop.com allows us to add customizable pop ups and sign up form to the website.
  • Landing Pages: By creating landing pages directed towards posts on website.
  • Creating an email campaign in mailchimp: Every campaign has a finishing CTA(Call to Action).

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