14 Jun

How to create buyer persona? (Free Template Included)

How to create buyer persona? (Free Template Included)

Today I will Tell you about “How to create buyer persona?” which will also includes a free template. 

Do you know about what a buyer persona is if not, don’t worry, I will explain in a simple and understanding manner?

A buyer persona is the most useful tool to know who your customers are.

Why should you know about buyer persona? Creating a buyer persona is one of the most exciting works that I have ever done. Marketing, as well as digital marketing without a specific buyer persona, is a waste of time and energy. You must save both of these. The one reason for most business and start-ups to fail is a limited understanding of their customers. In this situation, a buyer persona can be utilized at its best. Without proper segmentation of your customers, you can’t add value to your services. As the market suggests that people don’t make logical decisions while making any purchase. People take an emotional buying decision. The irrational behaviour is confusing as compared to a logical one. This is the reason we have to understand who our customers are and what they want.

In the process of understanding a particular customer, we need to dig deeper into the minds of the customer. The positioning of the value that your product delivers in the thoughts of the customer is the most complicated process.

For example, if you are in a business of creating a new service or a product for your best and closest friend, you would probably do a great job at marketing for them. Now think. “Do you know your customer that well”?

Do you know what your potential customers desire? Do you know what are their long-term goals and most profound fears?

Deep understanding of your customer’s behaviour helps you in creating better marketing communications. But the loophole is you can never know each customer individually. Every knows the business has different sets of buyers. That’s why you have to create a buyer persona for every game. 

For example, I have three sets of buyers for my digital marketing courses:

1: Students who want a future in digital marketing

2: Professionals who wish to switch to the digital marketing field

3: business owners who want to scale their business with digital marketing.

Let me explain this a little. For the digital marketing course that I deliver for Digital Bounce have three sets of buyers for the course.

  1. One who wants to get jobs in Digital Marketing Companies.
  2. One who wants to switch their careers from traditional marketing to digital marketing.
  3. One who owns a business and hired a digital marketing team under them.

They all have different needs and wants concerning learn Digital Marketing. So as per their behaviour, I have created three sets of Buyer Persona. When my team writes emails, they write with one persona in mind. With every email draft, we think of the Buyer who will read that email.

It also helps us in segmenting different email lists for different buyer personas.

Customers can be targeted individually. When we write emails, create social media posts, or any other kind of marketing communications, we need to write for one customer personal only. This helps us in creating the right marketing messages to every customer.

How to Develop Buyer Personas

 Now I think you all understood the right importance of buyer personas, so let’s talk about how we can develop a significant buyer persona. The first thing is to know the demographics as well as psychographics of our potential customers & existing customers.

 First of all, you can create a survey for your existing clients. You can take help from Typeform.com or google forms. The thing that attracts most people is incentives. You can give them incentives (Free E-book, offers on next purchase, etc.) to spend 15-20 minutes on your survey.

 As you surveyed 50 customers, you have collected data that will be utilized in growing your business. Now you can target the same group of people that can be your potential customers.

“Data is the new currency.”

Hewlett Packard Enterprise president 

Now you have the ball in your court. Do the critical analysis of the data received from your customers and plan an unbeatable strategy for your new product development.

 Once you start this, it will generate momentum on its own. With every new insight collected from your customer will lead you to acquire more customers. 2 to 5 buyer personas for a single business are enough to get the results. Don’t create a bulk of buyer personas; these will only create confusion.

Now you have different sets of buyer personas; the next step is to create a better marketing communication that connects the customers with your brand. When you start utilizing buyer personas, your marketing campaigns will boost the conversion ratios. You will start seeing much better CTR’s, better engagements and more customers.

Hope you all will be able to answer the question “How to create buyer persona?” now. 

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