Brand Marketing Based on Religion

Faith-based marketing is the suitable integration of religious faith into a brand’s marketing strategies. People have faith in their respective religion and they can never ignore it. Brands like surf excel are using these religious sentiments in creating an optimistic image of their brand. Ads like these have always fulfill their purpose of uniting two religious’ communities.


  • ✅🔥Advertisement 1: ‘Surf Excel #RangLaayeSang | This Holi, let colors bring us together!’ These ads reflect a friendship between two religious communities that understand and care for each other’s respective traditions. Surf Excel adds a hue of goodness to the colors of Holi with #RangLaayeSang, a beautiful story of how the colors of Holi can truly be the colors of oneness – melting differences & bringing people together. Surf excels adds a true image of goodness to colors of Holi(#RangLaayeSang) with a beautiful story that tells us how colors of Holi festival can be the colors of Unity or Oneness which in results in melting differences and bringing people together. Read the beautiful line: “Apnepan ke rang se auron ko rangne main daag lag jaaye, toh DAAG ACCHE HAIN!”


  • ✅🔥Advertisement 2: Surf Excel Ramazan 2017 | #NekiEkIbadat. In this video, the selfless actions of little kid will us appreciate the true spirit of Ramazan