Piece of life advertisements | LG & Nestle

Piece of Life or Slice of Life advertisements is an advertising technique that includes or based on a real-life problem that is presented in a dramatic presentation and product or brand advertised represents as an effective solution to the problem. Slice-of-Life Advertising is made up of four components. First, you have an encounter. For example, a commercial may start off showing a kid playing soccer with his parents cheering on the side (encounter). Next up, we’ve got a problem. The kid falls and stains his uniform, and the parents are not happy about this (problem). We then move to an interaction. A friendly mom comes up to the parents and suggests a new laundry detergent that is full proof for stain removal (interaction). Last, but certainly not least, we have the solution. The commercial ends with the parents taking their child to a game with a shiny clean uniform (solution).


✅🔥This piece of life advertisement or a slice of life advertisement is created with four main compounds • Encounter • Problem • Interaction with product or brand • Solution All of these compounds are used together to create an advertisement that will result in better promotion of the product, service or brand. Here I have some examples of the commercials:


✅🔥LG Innovation Story Ad: LG has launched this ad when it celebrates 21 years in India. This ad contains a life event of a student that changed his life. The event was the poor marks in the mathematics exam.


✅🔥Nestlé Good Food, Good Life: A very nice storyline that includes the encounter of an adopted kid with the real kid of the family. All of this started with a jealous problem among the real child for the adopted one and then the interaction with Nestle Products and at last the solution as ‘Good Food Good Life’.#Nestle #LG #goodfood #innovation #PieceOfLife #SliceOfLife