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Population of United Kingdom

Population of United Kingdom

Population of three countries in United Kingdom

Wales, Scotland and England

The United Kingdom’s population is increasing annually since 1982. The mid-year population estimates in 2019 published that the UK population reached 66.8 million, increased from 66.4 million in mid-2018. It marks an increase of almost 0.5% in one year. Here you will find the predicted population of the United Kingdom from the sources, including a separate population for Wales, Scotland, and England.

The total number of people in the United Kingdom are expected to rise by 4.5% in the upcoming decade. The Office of national statistics has confirmed this rise in population. (“Office for national statistics,” n.d.)

Also, the total migration is also expected to account for 73% of the UK” s total population growth. The Office of national statistics also predicts that 5.4 million people will migrate for the long term to the United Kingdom between 2018-2028. Also, it is to be noted that around 3.3 million people will emigrate long term from the UK. It is also documented that 7.2 million people are predicted to be born, and 6.4 million people will die. (Duncan, 2019)

At last, all these statistics are observed before the covid19 pandemic arises.

The deaths due to covid19 in the UK crossed the mark of 14,91,00, which is also a factor to be noted when predicting the United Kingdom Population in coming years. (“Official UK coronavirus dashboard,” n.d.)


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