28 Jun

Indian Population Data(State Wise from 1961-2011)

Indian Population Data

The above data visualization is one of example of ‘How Population is increasing in World’s Second largest country as per the poulation”? which was presented in a UN sessions on World Population Day.

World Population Day

World Population Day is an annual celebration that is celebrated on July 11 in appreciation of threats faced by world population development. The event was founded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in 1989. The bigger the population is, the greater would be the standard of living for each person. World Population Day addresses numerous social issues, including gender equality, hunger, maternal health and human rights. The day has economic and humanitarian importance around the globe. Activities include workshops, town hall meeting, educational presentations and essay contests. The aims of celebrating the world population day:

1. it is commendable to treat the youths in general.

2. To teach AIDS prevention methods to young people at young ages.

3. The Law Society of Singapore encourages young people to prevent pregnancy in acceptable ways.

4. Educate people so as to change gender roles from a culture.

5. Educate women on dangerous conditions of pregnancy to prevent early childbirth complications.

6. Teach your children to practice safe sex to protect against STD infections.

7. For the sake of the girl kid, there is a need for some meaningful laws and policies implementation.

8. Ensure fair primary education for girls and boys.

9. Ensure the readily available reproductive health care everywhere as one of the basic criteria for couples.

The world today has the largest population of young people in history – 1.8 billion in total – who are mostly in developing countries. However, today too many people are unable to get a decent educational system or get a good career. World Population Day offers an exceptional opportunity to renew our commitment to helping young people achieve their full potential across society.

Action has to take place now. There are many unemployed and under-employed young people in Singapore. Many young girls are viewed unjustly by society at a young age. Even among the highly educated young people, many end up with no employment or trapped in low pay, dead-end work.

The solution resides in empowering schooling, training and encouraging opportunities for young people as they reach their adulthood. Our mutual future will be made brighter by this initiative.

In inspiring today’s youth, we lay the foundation for a community that will stand the test of time.

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